Turkish migration to germany history essay

These cultural traditions have also been passed down to their descendants who maintain these values. Still, almost all of the workers assumed that they would eventually leave Germany and return to their families, says Tipi.

The workers arrived in Munich and were then distributed among the country's industrial zones. Half of those who came returned to Turkey, according to estimates.

The other half remained in Germany. Many Germans find the constitutional referendum in Turkey even more incomprehensible.

You have to decide early, because switching later is difficult. Here, good education does not cost an arm and a leg.

Germany established recruitment and employment centres in all of these countries. Immigrant parents teach their children this lesson at an early age. Yes, they were even together for seven years before they wed.

Germany needed additional labor for its factories and mines to help fuel the economic miracle driven by the rapid expansion of production after World War II. There is much to love about Germany, despite how cold many can be. First, the men were well paid in Germany and sent remittances home to their families in Turkey.

The religious practices of the Turks are often intersect with their political persuasions. The government and the economy were ecstatic over the Turkish guest workers, who were "between 18 and 45, at the prime of their labor capacity," boosted tax revenues and social security contributions and made a "substantial contribution to increasing production levels.

It makes Germans extra sensitive to extremism. That can of course be bothersome sometimes, for example the Swabian obsession with tidiness, all the ways to separate trash, and signs posted nearly everywhere prohibiting one thing or another.

Tipi is just one of millions of Turkish immigrants in Germany, and yet his story is unique nonetheless. Land of immigrants An economic recession triggered by the global oil crisis in the early s followed Germany's economic miracle, and in the recruitment of foreign workers came to a stop altogether.

It made life easier.

Turks in Germany

For me, "back home" was the gym where I played handball and the library in our high-rise building. Where demonstrators danced the tango against pepper spray and young activists threw carnations at water cannons.

Wouldn't you at least like to try a bit of the pork, after all. What would the Germans think of a Turk who ate pork. A long road It isn't easy for newcomers to feel at home in Germany. Or does he only beat your mother.

It was only 9: The other half remained in Germany. Germany is not easy with all its rules and regulations. I drank beer even though I hated the taste. As far as they were concerned, I was the ignorant daughter of Turkish nationalists.

Is Germany our home now or not. It was too expensive and time-consuming to constantly hire and train replacements. Wherever you make your living, that's your home," recalls Tipi.

The Migration Dilemma; Germany Today, around million people with a Turkish background live in Germany, meaning either they or their parents were born in Turkey, making them the largest.

Essay on Racism: Growing Up Turkish in Germany

Turkish immigrants in Germany and their cultural conflicts Essay, 12 Pages, Grade: A short history of Turkish Immigration into Germany. Turkish Immigrants and the German economy. Not welcomed in a closed society. Conclusion. TURKISH IMMIGRANTS IN GERMANY AND THEIR CULTURAL CONFLICTS.

Three million people in Germany of Turkish descent show it can sometimes take very long indeed. but it is a consequence of history. The. The German government set up a liaison office in Istanbul to urge unmarried male candidates to apply, which they enthusiastically did in large numbers.

Turks make up Germany's largest ethnic minority, and SPIEGEL reporter Özlem Gezer grew up in the port city of Hamburg as a part of this community. She describes herself as a "model immigrant. Germany and Turkey - A difficult relationship Turkish integration in Germany: A long road. It isn't easy for newcomers to feel at home in Germany.

Turkish migration to germany history essay
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